And we’re here to help, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-read validation guide after purchase and have one of our validation experts reach out to you. In this article, I will show you how to build a component model for ASP.NET MVC3 with Builder and Factory design patterns. You could use this model to write your strongly type components to binding data, handling harchical objects and write jQuery UI controls / HTML5 controls for ASP.NET MVC3. Regular code Signing certificates allow software developers to digitally sign their digital code to prove it has not been modified by any source or third party. This article tries to find a way to show Windows standard controls on layered windows.

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Code signing certs authenticate the code’s source and confirm the integrity of your content distribution. Thawte® Code Signing Certificates for Adobe® AIR® are 100% recognized by Adobe Ajax and Flex files, so you’ll be able to easily sign .air or .airi files. You’ll be able to select Adobe® AIR® during the enrollment process.

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That’s very easy to manage with the XmlText-Writer and Reader from the .Net Framework 2.0. In this article, I’ll present how to create an empty WinForms application with Windows 7 ribbon support. An article demonstrating how to host list controls inside a standard ComboBox. In this article, I share my experience creating and compiling a simple C++ program using SQLite to store data.

Use of Spices.Obfuscator as a Tool for Protection and Optimization of .Net Applications. Current use of obfuscators expands their role in the development and handling of .Net applications. FarPoint has developed leadership in the spreadsheet component marketplace with FarPoint Spread for Web Forms which is the high-end spreadsheet product for ASP.NET development. A review of the code refactoring tools in Visual Assist X – by John Krajewski, Senior AI Programmer, Pandemic Studios. Using Dotfuscator to protect your .NET source code from decompilers. Resco MobileForms Toolkit is a set of .NET controls designed specifically for mobile devices.

Surprisingly, neither the C++ runtime library nor the Win32 Platform SDK provides any routines to read and write Unicode text files. This article provides high performance routines to read all types of Unicode files (both UTF-16 ocx token price and UTF-8) as well as ANSI files. Finally it will demonstrate some easy customizations to ReportViewer. ANTS Profiler provides you with a quick and easy way of identifying performance bottlenecks within your .NET applications.

This article is for developers who want to start with Windows kernel filter drivers for the first time and want to experiment with a simple example with source code. An article to show how to play a Wave file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time. A command promt web server that starts an application or opens a file given in as an argument in an HTTP address. Could potentially be used to show media on screen using QR-codes. This article guides you to simply, yet effectively, prevent your software customers from copying your product without your authorization. I admit it is not a top-security solution, and it will be easy to crack without protecting your compiled code, but it is just for conveying the idea.

Stream a live camera video stream or single images between applications using the TCP protocol. A VB.NET project showing how to build a simple magnifying glass. This article details how to make .NET applications scriptable with Aphid, an embeddable scripting language. Finding and fixing troublesome code can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

This article describes the implementation of a QueryDesignerDialog class that allows users to create SQL queries based on a given OLEDB connection string. How to use the DynamicMethod and ILGenerator classes to create dynamic code at runtime that outperforms Reflection. This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to constructing C++ DLLs that include C++ functions and C++ classes, and then calling the DLL functions and classes from VC++ and VB programs. In this paper, we will show how to use the Amyuni PDF components to dynamically view PDF documents within a Silverlight control.

Many Canadians are questioning whether or not it’s the right time to purchase real estate. Contributor Christopher Liew breaks down the factors to keep in mind if you plan on shopping for real estate in the near future. «It all depends on the performance of the arcades as to whether we continue to build them attached to a theatre or whether we build a stand-alone.» Projects ranging from wallets to multiple DEXs as well as lending and borrowing protocol have witnessed consistent development this month. In this article, I’ll present the background information needed on the latest Windows 7 Ribbon Framework.

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Are you spending most of your development time coding the simplest things by hand? Discover how you can code faster and better with ReSharper 3.0. The latest version of ReSharper brings yet more productivity-boosting tools for Visual Studio and offers full-featured Visual Basic .NET support.

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A first approach to mixing .NET and native code, using the C++/CLI gateway. A WinForms component to notify when your app has been idle for a specified timespan. Shows how to implement a system to generate events when network interfaces change. Terminate a process, or check if it is running, using the full file path. It also enumerates processes returning the full path to the running EXE file. A utility to uncover the mysteries of the Clipboard, now with a data injector that allows you to pass various data formats to the Clipboard.

Combining a BuildProvider and IExtenderProvider to create a declarative framework for conditional formatting in ASP.NET GridViews. In this article I will describe the approach I took in creating a VB.NET implementation of the Spider Solitaire Game. LINQ to Regex library provides language integrated access to the .NET regular expressions. A complete overview and implementation of SNTP from a client perspective. This is a project for creating code like the WMI code creator but the output is for VB.NET and Windows Forms instead of for a Console Application.

  • To comply with the latest security requirements, you’ll need to re-issue the certificate once per year.
  • It’s easy to work with XML files this way, since you have that Tags in the code, but it’s also quicker to access information rather than the traditional methods.
  • The quality, breadth and utility of your product is incredible, but even more impressive is the level of support you provided to me, just one individual customer.
  • The same control can be used for viewing PDF, XPS or any document type.

The Software Development process can be time consuming and stressful. Outlined here are some practical tips on how to ease the strain with kissIT! ® applications within the context of Prototyping / Agile methods for SQL, C# & VB.NET. Microsoft MVP Tiago Pascoal goes through the best practices, tools, and techniques he uses to optimize the performance of web applications. When trying to speed up a slow-running application, it helps to know where the problem is. There are many causes of performance issues, but one of the most common and difficult to diagnose issues is around the application’s data access.

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However, knowing the differences will help you choose between the two formats. My idea was to host a WPF user control with Ribbon within a WinForm VB.NET project and try to use MVVM pattern. This is a DOCX to HTML conversion tool with css style customization support. Shows how to set up a time controlled rotation of displaying different websites. Size-to-content just doesn’t give you the window sizes you want for each usercontrol. This article describes how to get notification when a Windows CE based device is connected or disconnected from a desktop machine.

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MouseWheelRedirector redirects mouse wheel events to the control under the mouse pointer in Windows Forms applications, regardless of the control being clicked/focused. Just attach the control to the Redirector, no additional coding is required. A quick and easy way to support in-line editing on the ListView control in .NET. This article presents VB.NET code to create thumbnail images from a directory of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents using the .NET Framework. An article about how to access Extended MAPI properties, fields and methods from your .NET applications.

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These days, programmers need more control over the map data, map rendering, GIS capabilities, security and overall architecture. This article shows you how to build a scalable mapping application utilizing a web service and how to consume the web service from a client application. The article describes the suite of Visual Studio controls, tools and samples designed for mobile business application development, targeting Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. This article describes how you can use ANTS Profiler to eliminate performance hotspots and memory leaks from your .NET applications. Test the next generation of cross-platform development using the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, C# 2.0 features, and ASP.NET 2.0 controls. Recompile and deploy C# Web applications on Linux and other Java-enabled platforms running on Tomcat.

To demonstrate the method work we will develop a sample project to inject into all running processes and intercept some calls from ws2_32.dll. Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world. Intercept, fill and close windows originated by third-party components hosted in C# application. As an encountered case, making WebBrowser control silent is considered.

Not just automated downloads, or remotely controlling objects as in remoting, but a system in which the object actually moves about. In this article I will provide an introduction to this fascinating concept. Quickly resize, rename, change formats and add simple effects to multiple images. This article describes how to store application settings in the machine.config file and how to expose these settings as strongly typed properties using .NET’s Application Settings architecture. This article is the third part of a series of articles which will discuss embedded systems and their applications. It will use the BASIC Stamp II microcontroller for creation of a simple robot.

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