Choose your answer from this card, where 0 is extremely unsuccessful and 10 is extremely successful. Specific Police Performance QuestionsQuestionSourceThe next questions deal with your perceptions about the work that is being carried out by your local police force. And how satisfied are you with the job the City is doing in providing this program or service?

Through their gang membership, they may reject such values as passivity and subordinance to males . Some newcomers can face a number of barriers to integration into Canadian society. First generation immigrant youth can experience linguistic, acculturative, psychological and economic challenges. They may experience barriers to equitable opportunities in Canada, and encounter a wide range of obstacles and challenges in accessing services and support in the social services, education, health and justice arenas. Although second generation Canadian youth born into immigrant families, as a group, tend to do well economically, those from a visible minority background may experience significant inequalities in their educational attainment and participation in the labour market.

‘Good service’, ‘I liked the service’, and so on, without even clarifying what they meant by it. They berate the service because it doesn’t answer their pleas and complaints about the withdrawing issues and various other problems. The commissions and interest rates aren’t featured until after you’ve signed up, and even then you may not be told about some ‘elusive’ rates. City Index is one of the biggest brokerage providers in the United Kingdom, and also the Europe as a whole.

This was the second year in a row that prices for clothing and footwear fell, as public health measures continued to impact sales at brick-and-mortar outlets during various waves of the pandemic. Cellular service providers offered more data to consumers, contributing to lower prices. World crude oil prices directly influence the prices Canadians pay for products such as gasoline and fuel oil and other fuels. They also indirectly influence prices for other consumer goods and services because oil is a key input into the production process.

What Are the Consequences Associated with Youth Gangs?

There is an expectation placed on police to use authority and force in a way that is fair and only when absolutely necessary. In Canada, an example of such an approach to the use of force can be found in the RCMP’s Incident Management/Intervention Model , which provides guidance and direction to RCMP officers regarding the appropriate use of force in certain situations. Footnote 7 The information in this section is largely based on research and evaluation studies involving Aboriginal male youth as there are very few resources that explicitly address gang involvement among Aboriginal female youth. The lifelong impact of brain and mental health disorders that result from prolonged childhood trauma, and of the accompanying developmental impairments and emotional vulnerability. Many Aboriginal gang members who engage in violence have a state of ‘terminal’ thinking that leads them to focus on survival only; their sense of security, safety and trust never properly develop. The process of cyclical violence through which survivors of child maltreatment and neglect become perpetrators and victims in adolescence.

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More specific questions need to be asked in order to understand what it is that the citizens are satisfied or dissatisfied with when it comes to the police service. Since fielding public opinion surveys tends to be expensive, with each additional question adding to the overall cost of the survey, a good cost-efficient approach would be to use fewer but more precise measures. Single measures of public perceptions of police performance, such as the ones discussed by Maguire and Johnson or developed by Johnson and colleagues , are good examples of such an approach. To derive these measures, confirmatory factor analysis could be applied to the existing data gathered by police services.

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It is argued that measuring citizens’ perceptions of police performance is very important and is not a straightforward task. In as much as police work is complex and multi-dimensional, so is its performance measurement in the eyes of the public. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all, city index review off-the-shelf performance measurement tool or framework (Castle, 2008; Coleman, 2012). While somewhat valuable, the general questions on “favourable views,” “confidence,” or “trust” provide nothing more than a general sense of the public’s satisfaction with the police.

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No, it’s because 37% of reviews gave it minimum amount of stars, while only 35% gave it the highest honor. Despite being an ‘award-winning’ titan of industry, City Index doesn’t have too many user reviews in the open. Regardless, trustworthy aggregators generally don’t hold City Index in high esteem.

There are no risk factors that uniquely predict a high probability of gang membership; no one variable can account for such a complex phenomenon (Decker, Melde, & Pyrooz, 2013). Further, the same factors that predict gang membership have considerable overlap with other problem behaviours (e.g., delinquency and violence) (Esbensen, Peterson, Taylor, & Freng, 2010). Youth who become gang involved often possess a relatively high number of risk factors prior to gang membership and the accumulation of risk factors across domains is the best known way to identify those most likely to become gang involved (Decker, Melde, & Pyrooz, 2013). A large number of specific police performance questions are already being asked in numerous public opinion surveys. However, the validity and reliability of these questions, for the most part, have not been tested and are of questionable value. Moreover, the existing questions are not standardized, making them impossible to compare across time and place.

Questions asked on surveys of municipal police tend to be unstandardized and inconsistent, with varying response category thus making them incomparable across time and place. As noted by Sinclair and Grekul , a weakness in the literature on youth gangs is the information that we use to assess the rate of youth gang involvement in Canada. The majority of reports and academic papers cite one single source for youth gang statistics, the Results of the 2002 Police Survey of Youth Gangs . Findings from this national survey are based on police perceptions of gang and member numbers in some regional jurisdictions and stratified estimates in others.

Unless statistically controlled for and weighted by these and other factors, crime rates alone cannot, and should not, be used as the sole performance measure of police work. Each of the possible measures has strengths and weaknesses that are important to understand prior to opening a larger discussion on which ones to adopt. The direct measures of police performance, which are sometimes referred to as traditional measures throughout this report, are very powerful measures that can provide an objective way to measure police performance, when used correctly. Footnote 8 A handful of research studies have explicitly explored Aboriginal youth in gangs in the Canadian context (see for example Grekul & LaBoucane-Benson, 2008; Hautala, Sittner, & Whitbeck, 2016; Preston, Carr-Stewart, & Bruno, 2012; Sinclair & Grekul, 2012; Totten, 2009, 2013).

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Integration of empowering identity development – initiatives should outline clear strategies to promote positive self-concept, Canadian identity and ethnic identity. It is important to highlight that individuals join gangs for a variety of reasons, and these are not exclusive of one another. The decision to join is often well thought out and the individual believes that this is best for their interests at the moment (Sánchez-Jankowski, 2003). There is control of, or claim to, a specific neighbourhood, territory or turf in which the group operates. Visit the Consumer Price Index Portal to find all CPI data, publications, interactive tools, and announcements highlighting new products and upcoming changes to the CPI in one convenient location.

Annual average indexes are obtained by calculating the average of the 12 monthly index values over the calendar year. The annual average percentage change should not be confused with the 12-month percentage change that is published every month with the release of the CPI. Unlike the annual average change, the 12-month change compares the monthly index level with the level from the same month a year earlier. Prices for services in Canada rose at a faster pace in 2021 (+2.3%) than in 2020 (+1.4%), partly because of higher prices for some services where physical distancing is difficult and that gradually returned during the summer months. Prices for seafood and other marine products rose 3.4% on an annual average basis, compared with a 2.1% gain a year earlier. This is the opposite of what occurred in the spring of 2021, when the broad decline in prices observed at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, which was led by prices for energy products and travel services, had an upward impact on the year-over-year rate of consumer inflation.

  • Further, even if police effectiveness could be accurately measured by the crime rate, a lowering of that rate would not necessarily translate into public confidence in police effectiveness since the confidence is shaped by other factors along with reducing crime rate.
  • It is important to highlight that individuals join gangs for a variety of reasons, and these are not exclusive of one another.
  • They should not be previously published or considered by another publication until the review process is completed.
  • Much theoretical work still needs to be done to understand the nature of this disparity.
  • In Canada, an example of such an approach to the use of force can be found in the RCMP’s Incident Management/Intervention Model , which provides guidance and direction to RCMP officers regarding the appropriate use of force in certain situations.

Indeed, a reduction in crime rates can be an indication of the excellent work being done by the police. However, there are at least three problems with using crime rates or the Crime Severity Index as the main measure for police performance. First, the work of the police is, by far, not the only influence on crime rates. An array of factors such as levels of education, rates of poverty, the age of the local population, rates of addiction or other mental health problems, the number of transient residents, etc. influence the level of crime in a community .

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Establishing relationships with families and engaging them in programming is important. More often than not, parents of high-risk or gang-involved youth present with similar risk factors (e.g., coping with substance abuse and other mental health issues). In addition, siblings with a criminal and/or gang involvement history often ‘transmit’ their patterns of behaviour to other youth in the family. The presence of structural inequality and collective trauma require continuous understanding and form an important component when working with Aboriginal youth involved in gangs . Further, the task is to limit the exclusion of Aboriginal families from timely, relevant and accessible services to continuously and effectively address what has already happened and prevent the transmission of trauma trans-generationally (Goodwill & Ishiyama, 2015).

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In the absence of valid, reliable, and standardized indicators, police services and policy makers will continue to ask different, sometimes vague questions that are not comparable. Such inconsistent measurement of police performance runs the risk of poorly evaluating the performance or police and policing policies and practices across Canada, leading to inefficient and ineffective policing and ultimately compromising the public safety of Canadians. Public Safety Canada is committed to developing and disseminating knowledge to address the issue of youth gangs in Canada. To implement effective prevention and intervention strategies, we must start by understanding the nature and scope of the problem. This research report provides an overview of advances that have been made in defining youth gangs and their activities, motivations for joining, and risk and protective factors that influence involvement in a gang lifestyle.

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